Content Is King if Relevance and Quality Reign

king house of cardsThe “content is king” message was first used in the 1974 edition of Magazine Editing and Production by Click and Baird. However, CBS-Viacom magnate Sumner Redstone and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were the ones who elevated it to “conventional wisdom” status.

At its core, the phrase reminds us that — regardless of the medium — there are no shortcuts or substitutes for content with staying-power.

In a digitized world, communicators must optimize content for search engines while making it adaptable across media platforms and devices. Even so, it’s still important to deliver something of relevance and value. Unlike hard-sell approaches of the past, the boundaries of information, entertainment and engagement have blurred. Brand messages are now more organically integrated.

Content marketing best practices continue to evolve. Conventional wisdom changes with the trends, the tech and the times, but fundamentals still matter. Brands that choose quantity over quality or abandon the plan to chase their 15 minutes of viral-video fame risk becoming a flash in the pan at best or, worse yet, the court jester.

Keep Your Eye on the Crown … as Defined by You

The average American makes about 70 conscious decisions a day, according to Columbia University research. Some put the average choices-per-day count as high as 35,000. By any metric, most consumers have decision fatigue. Faced with too much information and too many options, choice offers diminishing returns.

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15 Smart Tips for Marketing and Life

Best practices change with the times, but certain eye-on-the-ball basics still matter.

Things like starting with a good product or service, communicating clearly, following through on promises and maintaining a reliable reputation will still give you an edge. They matter – regardless of the latest marketing trend.

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