Top 10 Signs You Are Having a MacGyver Christmas


After Santagate, you developed a more efficient Reindeer-Guided Package-Delivery System

A Public Service Message from the Department of Interior Peace of Mind, Division of Responsible Time Management (DIPM/DRTM)

The hour is late and the dog (allegedly) ate your shopping list. Many of your thoughtfully selected gifts remain back-ordered, unwrapped or unmailed. Some are too big for their assigned Priority Mail envelopes and boxes.

Your gingerbread house needs a paint job, shutters, a new door and sugar-frosted spackling for conspicuous cracks that developed in the foundation. One of the carefully crafted gingerbread children in front is inexplicably missing a leg. You’ve seriously considered creating a ginger-ambulance, a ginger-stretcher and ginger-paramedics, which you would totally do if you just had more … time. And four chocolate Oreos for ambulance wheels.

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